Unit warehouses

Director of the word unity

Unit aims unit warehouse management to provide adequate support for the kits advanced management and improve the work of the department and through the implementation of the provisions and rules of government warehouses issued by the Ministry of Finance and also to maintain the overall properties of the waste and loss and damage, I ask God to help us on this performance honesty.


A brief history of the unit

Is the unit of warehouses one of the administrative units of the Department of the college and demonstrated its role to implement procedures and rules of government warehouses issued by the Ministry of Finance starting from the application and disbursement of materials units of various departments of the college and secure until the end of Almistodeih actions by communicating with contract management and procurement and warehouse management .


Functions of the Unit

Limit the total needs of affiliates from the beginning of the new academic year (Furniture - electrical appliances stationery f)). Facility)

Follow-up supply order with supplier companies and then receive all items on the College to be distributed to the college affiliates as needed minutes of receiving custody. (Supplied)

The statutory procedures are met upon receipt and mobilize records (requisition materials - Minutes preview screening - the minutes of receipt) for the disbursement of the financial dues of the companies by the contract management and procurement. (Supplied)

Touring patrol the college to confine devices to be repaired or returned to the central warehouse university, under document returns a number (9).

When sending the employee or transferred to another party is to offset the minutes custody transfers between entities (attached).

Perform any other functions assigned to it in the field of competence.


Means of communication unit

a. Fethiye Shaheen (director of the unit) 24279

b. Fatima Halawani (stationery responsible) 23671

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