Faculty of Nursing

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Strategic Plan of the College of Nursing

The project of preparing the first strategic plan for the College of Nursing was launched to match KAU ST's vision and strategic aspirations to reach the global leadership through a number of projects and programs that it seeks to achieve within its future plans. Believing that the College of Nursing is an integral part of the University's journey towards globalization, we have prepared this plan with a view to the University's main objectives, mission and aspirations for the future.


Distinct strategic planning locally, globally and regionally


Preparation and implementation of the strategic plan to provide educational, research and community services to achieve the quality standards in the Faculty of Nursing and adapt the latest global developments

College Council

Chairman of the Board Dean\ Dr.Ahlam Alzahrani
Secretary of the Council Vice Dean\ Dr.Ohood othman felemban
Council members
Vice Dean For Development\ Dr.Shadia Abdullah Hassan Yousuf
Vice Dean for Graduate Studies & Scientific Research\ Dr.Elham abdullah al Nagshabandi
Vice Dean of Clinical Affairs / Dr.Maram A Banakher
Head Of Maturity and children Department \ Dr.Hawa Mohammad Alabdulaziz
Head Of Public Health Nursing Department \ Dr.Nofa Ali al asmee
Head Of Medical and Surgical Nursing Department \ Dr.Hayfa H Almutary
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