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The Department of Maternity and Child Nursing was established on 7/10/1434H corresponding to 25/8/2012G, as per the Royal Decree number 5088/MB issued on 7/8/1434H. The first Head of the Department was appointed in accordance with the KAU President’s administrative order number 30Q issued on 13/1/1434H (17/11/2012G).

Courses taught in the Department are pertinent to mother and child health. There are five faculty members in the Department: two PhD holders, two MA holders whose major is maternity and one who holds an MA degree in child nursing.

The Department also provides beginner level clinical training for BA and Bridging Program female students. The Departments gives advanced training to MA students in the major of obstetrics and gynecology.

Greetings! On behalf of the Department of Maternity and Child Nursing at the Faculty of Nursing at King Abdulaziz University, we welcome you!

Our faculty members are dedicated to teach nursing students the knowledge and skills required to provide best maternal and child nursing care. The department enhances the collaboration between nursing and other healthcare professionals in promoting and improving health status of women and children. Women and children are the corner stone of any society and the future of the society. We as nurses should ensure their healthy status.

Together we will promote the maternal and child health.


To sustain academic excellence and the development of competent nurses in maternity and pediatric filed who are committed to women. And children health practice , leadership, community and research nationally and internationally.


To empower professional nurses in maternity and pediatric field who are creative and able to apply knowledge, skills and evidence based research to promote holistic women and children care.


  • Ensure innovative undergraduate and graduate courses in the field of maternity and children nursing
  • Promote a positive academic environment using different methods of instruction to suit various students’ ability in the field of maternity and child care
  • Enhance personal and intellectual development of nursing students
  • Foster family oriented maternal and child care based on evidence

Contact Us

Department Of Maternity & Child Nursing Tel Ext. Email
Head Of Maternity & Child Nursing Department \ Dr.Hawa M Alabdulaziz 966-012-6402000+ 24190 halabdulaziz@kau.edu.sa
Secretary Of Maternity & Child Nursing Department Office \ Malak Saleh Alotibi
24278 msalotaibi@kau.edu.sa
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