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Message of the Head

 I welcome you on my behalf and on the behalf of the Financial Affairs Unit staff at the Faculty of Nursing.  We thank Allah for the confidence entrusted in us by our senior directors for assigning us this position. It is a pride for us to be an integral part of KAU, and we ask God to help us serve all members of the Faculty of Nursing and overcome all the financial difficulties they may encounter. We strive to resolve all their financial issues through communicating with the main Administration of Financial Affairs on the Women’s Campus.


The Unit of Financial Affairs  is one of the units in the Faculty of Nursing. The major role of the unit is administering all the financial affairs of the faculty members and administrative staff as well as nursing internships.  The Unit is also in charge of following up on the monthly financial dues of the aforementioned, auditing and finalizing faculty financial commitments.  The Unit is in charge of the budget allocated for overtime, allowances and increments. 


The major tasks of the Financial Affairs Unit are as follows:

  1. Request the cash Covenants (sustainable and temporary) from the Financial Administration. (Women’s Campus).
  2. Covenant cash payment (sustainable and temporary) and finalizing all involved  procedures. .
  3. Issuing request letters for allowances due for the faculty members, administrative staff, specialists and technicians working in the Faculty of Nursing. 
  4. Issuing a form for the payment of extra teaching hours and attending department council and/or faculty council meetings.
  5. Issuing a letter for providing a monetary award for female nursing internships studying at the Faculty of Nursing.
  6. Preparing faculty budget reports in cooperation with all faculty departments and units.

Contact us :




Head of the Financial Affairs Unit


24516/ 73755

Finance Employee


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