Faculty of Nursing



Student affairs

 One of the main pillars of the faculty, and the first interface that receives the students at the beginning of dealing with the college, end the process of their admission in the college, answers their questions about the system of study and the various departments of the faculty and admission requirements, give them dates of the written examination and personal interview.

Tasks and responsibilities

·          Receive application for those students want to transfer to the college to be presented to the committee on admission and transfer faculty.

·          Implementation and follow-up decisions on the policy of admission, registration and academic advising, exams and results.

·          Provide study schedules for students

·          Deliver of lists of students names and their grades to the departments.

·          Compilation of the results of student and their statistics.

·          Coordination with departments to organize the examination and monitoring process.

·          Save the student’s academic files.

·          Follow-up the medical record.

·          Counting the number of students.

·          Choose students who have excellent grade.

·          Follow-up process of graduating students.

·          Provide identification letter to student.

·          Preparation of letters for students who want training in training during the summer vacation.

·          Follow-up renewal of the monthly special reward ATM cards, and delivered to the students after renewal.

·          Follow-up supervision of student activity faculty.







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