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Transition،Postponement of Studies ،Withdrawal From College


Transition from another college or another university is accepted according to the following condition:

  • To meet all the admission requirements.
  • To have an average grade of "very good" and higher for the students who are transited from a scientific college.
  • Only the courses with a grade of "good" could be equalized.
  • The student shouldn't been exceeded* more than 50% of her previous college required courses.

Postponement of Studies

  • The College Board could approve a postponement of study for a maximum of two years if the student presents an acceptable excuse.
  • With an acceptable excuse the student could continue studying after passing a test in the content of the last completed academic year.
  • Newcomer students have a maximum of four weeks to start the course or they will be dismissed if they did not request a postponement.
  • Students who stop attending classes for more than 50% of the academic year without requesting a postponement will be dismissed.


The general regulations of the deanship of admission and registration are implemented in the college. Students are demanded to check the deanship for that.

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