Faculty of Nursing

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Message Of the Vice Dean

It is a pleasure to welcome you on behalf of all affiliates of the College of Nursing at the King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah across the first evidence of the College of Nursing. We are real happy to provide this profession that was honoring of our Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, as the first mention of the nursing profession in the history of medicine in the era of prophecy, and this profession has arisen to serve the Muslim armies in their expeditions.

Saudi Arabia entered the nursing profession in the midst of changes and big decisions focused on the development of the academic sector to improve educational outcomes and training nursing, and most important of these decisions and contribute to the development of the decision to transfer all health colleges affiliated to the Ministry of Health to become the responsibility of nursing education affiliated to the umbrella of the Ministry of Higher Education which is a confident and great responsibility on Saudi universities in graduation nursing profession.

The role of the College of Nursing a key role in the development of the profession being a college health of the King Abdulaziz University since its inception in 1977, so we hope that this guide gives the reader a vision to develop a College of Nursing Current and expected to continue and develop it overall to be in the lead in the application of the highest standards of quality global education and training of nursing staff in line with the strategic plan for the University to reach and global leadership in education, research and community service.

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