Faculty of Nursing

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Quality, Safety and Occupational Health Policy at the College of Nursing

The Faculty of Nursing at King Abdulaziz University is looking to become a leading college in preparing highly qualified cadres in providing nursing care and scientific research skills to achieve the 2030 vision and keep pace with national development and the needs of the labor market. The College is working hard to contribute effectively to providing knowledge and localizing it through scientific research, counseling, training programs, and community service. In order to achieve the goals and aspirations of the college and maintain its leadership, the college has committed itself to the following:

  • Considering the quality in its services so that quality becomes an essential part of the daily practices of its activities.
  • Creating an environment that ensures the provision and sustainability of safe and healthy working conditions to prevent injuries and diseases related to the faculty and the beneficiaries and visitors alike.
  • Compliance with all applicable legal and other requirements.
  • Expanding and enriching knowledge of the importance of quality, safety, and occupational health in the work environment.
  • Create, operate, and maintain safe facilities in a safe way to reduce risk.
  • Use appropriate personal protection tools and equipment while doing various tasks
  • Maintaining the highest standards of quality, safety and occupational health that help to provide a work environment free from the causes of injuries or diseases.
  • Show a high level of awareness to prevent behaviors and actions that may cause occupational diseases or injuries.
  • Encourage all constructive suggestions to ensure continuous improvement related to quality and work environment.
  • Encourage all constructive suggestions to ensure continuous improvement related to quality and work environment.
  • Involve all individuals in the application of quality, safety, and occupational health and how to prevent various diseases and injuries.

    Dean Of College   

Dr.Ahlam E. Alzahrani


Team Staff

Team leader Vice Dean For Development\ Dr.Shadia Abdullah Hassan Yousuf
Team Coordinator Dr.Nahed Ali Mersal
Faculty members
Dr.Maram A Banakher
Dr.Asmaa H Mohammad
Dr.Ahlam A Almabadi
Administrative Office Mrs.Khadijah Y Aljeahani
Administrative officer Mrs.Maha O fessi

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