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To fulfil the vision and mission of the university, a unit of development was established in the Faculty of Nursing at 1432H (2012). The unit has changed its name to Vice Deanship of Development for the Faculty of Nursing based on the president’s decree to unify all unit for development date 23/9/1434 H no. 12639/Q. The unit is responsible to ensure the application of the concept of quality and monitor the sustainability of quality product of the college. Continuous improving program outcomes up to the international nursing standards and quality is ensured. In addition, to follow the application of academic accreditation process for nursing programs in the college. This would help the graduates to pursue their studies at international nursing colleges and increase the employability of the graduates.

The Baccalureate nursing program had obtained the candidacy from Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) in June 2012 and had the initial site visit in March 2014.

Faculty of Nursing had obtained the initial accreditation from ACEN March 2014 for 5 years. The next visit site visit is scheduled in spring 2019. Faculty of Nursing had renewed ACEN accreditation from Spring 2019 to Spring 2027.

Faculty of nursing is one of the colleges recommended by KAU to obtain national accreditation from National Commission Accreditation for Academic Accreditation and Assessment by decree 16/D/36/85816 dated 1/7/1436H. The college had submitted all requirement to NCAAA. Currently is waiting for reschedule of the visiting team.

Furthermore, in 2020 the college is nominated as one of the three colleges at KAU by the Deanship of Quality and Accreditation to obtain ISO90001 and ISO450001. The ISO team is progress to complete the requirement.

Vice Dean for Development

Shadia Abdullah Yousuf BSN, MSN, PhD


To engage in sustainability of quality teaching in the college through national & international collaboration.


To raise the quality of all the nursing education programmes in the Faculty of Nursing (undergraduate, bridging and postgraduates ).

    To adhere the missions of the University and the College from both administrative and academic development.
    To ensure high quality standards in nursing teaching and learning.
    To obtain academic accreditation from national and international recognized agency in the field of nursing education.
    To assure quality in learning outcomes of nursing programs
Responsibilities and Duties
    Promote culture of quality and academic accreditation practice among the college staff.
    Supervise the process of international accreditation and continue communication with “Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing – ACEN” through annual report.
    Plan for Faculty and staff development strategies.
    Develop a system for outcome measurement and evaluation to ensure the quality of the academic and administrative performance.
    Follow-up the requirements of the National Commission for Assessment & Academic Accreditation – NCAAA”.
    Supervise the requirement of EQUAP.
    Supervise the functions of all the units under the Deanship of Development.
    Supervise the strategic plan of the college.
    Make national & international collaboration.
Deanship for Development Phone Ext. Fax E-mail
Vice Dean for Development /Dr. Shadia Abdullah Yousuf +966-012-6402000 24171 23154 syousef@kau.edu.sa
Tahani M. Al Hatmi
Aisha N. AL-Raddadi
Accreditation Coordinator / Ahlam A. Al-Mabdi

Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, Inc. 3343 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 850 | Atlanta, Georgia 30326

(404)   975-5000 Phone

(404)  975-5020  Fax

Webpage: https://www.acenursing.org/

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