Faculty of Nursing

Rules and Regulations

  • Attendance Regulations

    • Students who missed 10% of the classes of any course without excuse or 20% with excuse will be deprived from attending the final exam. Also, the monthly reward will be deducted for an amount equal to the course proportion.
    • Medical reports must be approved by the Medical Administration in the university, KAU Hospital (KAUH) or any governmental hospital.
    • Medical reports must be delivered to the Vice-Dean of the Faculty in a period not longer than five days from the start date of the patient’s case. The report can be delivered by the student herself or any of her acquaintances.
    • If the medical report covers the period of either the mid-term or final exams, the concerned Vice-Dean will evaluate the case.
    • If the absence takes place during the final exam, the student’s results will be suspended and the medical committee will make the decision of accepting the medical report or otherwise.
    • If the absence during regular class and practical sessions, the medical reports will be evaluated by the Students’ Affairs Administration to decide whether it will be added to the students' percentage of missed classes.
    • In compelling conditions, the student must provide a proof to the Vice-Dean in a period of no longer than five days from the start date of student absence. It can be handed in by the student herself or any of her acquaintances.

    Exam Regulations

    • If a student passes all courses of the first semester, he/she automatically moves to the second.
    • If a student fails in one subject or more in the first semester, he/she is still eligible to move to the second semester but he/she will have to take the remaining course(s) from the first semester.
    • If a student fails in one course or more in the second semester, he/she will then have to repeat the same year to re-take the courses he/she could not pass from the previous year.

    • The passing grade of the student for each academic year will be calculated in each level of the program according to the average grades in all courses.  It is noteworthy that grades will not exceed ‘Satisfactory’ for courses that he/she previously failed or reached the limit of absences without excuse.

    • If a student does not complete required course of an academic year for two successive years, then his/her case will presented to the Faculty Council to discuss his/her expulsion.


    For more information, please read ‘‘Charter of Student Rights and Responsibilities’’

          and ‘’Rules and Regulations of Attendance and Exams’’.



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