Faculty of Nursing

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Study system and Steps to Admission in Nursing College

Study system

The faculty of Nursing follows the annual system. All courses are provided in English language and course registration is done at the beginning of studying year. All curricula including exams are to be covered within 34 weeks. Students study the same curriculum in the first year of KAU during the preparatory course. All students in different departments receive their classes whatever theoretical and/ or practical through lectures, workshops, practical sections and intensive clinical courses in the university hospital for all specialties.

Admission procedure

  • Applicant must be a Saudi National or Non Saudi of Saudi mother
  • Applicant must satisfy the admission requirements of King Abdulaziz University.
  • Applicants must pass the preparatory year within a minimum grade of very good in biology ' chemistry, physics, and English
  • Applicant must satisfy the GPA set by faculty.
  • Applicant must be medically fit.

Admission Steps

  • After passing the preparatory year, the student registers her ardor in required priority in the ODUS system.
  • Deanship of registration and admission will distribute students to the faculties according to their GPA and the criteria set by the faculty of registration and admission.
  • Students registered in the faculty will be distributed to the different departments according to their GPA
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